19 October 2021

Just In Time for the Holidays

The Jussie Smollett trial will get underway just after Thanksgiving. The gift that keeps on giving. No cameras at Smollett trial next month, judge rules as he denies ‘Empire’ actor’s latest attempt to dismiss charges

A Cook County judge Friday said cameras won’t be allowed in the courtroom at Jussie Smollett’s upcoming jury trial in November and denied the latest attempt by the former “Empire” actor’s attorneys to get the case dismissed.

The circus trial will start with jury selection on the 29th of November.

And because this never gets old...


  1. Smollett was supposedly an "actor". He should know that someone has to play the fool, evil one, or the "Fall Guy". He is just "Theater of Distraction" to keep the peasants amused while the murderers are allowed to go free and while the Police Department shrinks to nothing. When that show is no longer needed, he will be released on some invented "technicality". Just Chicago "Show Business".

    1. Actually, Kim Foxx, the non-prosecutor for Chicago and Cook County tried to bury the charges. It got too much publicity and a special prosecutor was appointed.

      I don't expect him to do jail time. I do expect him to pay a hefty fine, though probably not all of the money (salaries) expended by Chicago PD


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