21 October 2021

Oberlin College Students Dismayed to Find Repairmen are Actually Men

Irony is not dead. And the universe has a sense of humor. Unlike these college students. Women and Trans collective disturbed to find 'cisgenger men' installing new radiators.

One of the students "felt" mildly violated and peeved that actual men were going to improve the heating situation in the "living space" before winter.

The deeper question is this: How can someone this fragile ever do anything in the real world? Seriously, if you see every straight male as a threat to your safety, how do you get through life? This piece seems to exemplify the stupidity of treating people as undifferentiated members of collective groups rather than as individuals. Maybe those sweaty workmen are really nice guys with families and daughters of their own that they care about.

Oberlin College is the institution that lost a defamation lawsuit against Gibson’s Bakery a few of years back.

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  1. How can someone this fragile ever do anything in the real world?

    That very obvious answer will soon be made obvious. These poor gutless freaks that America has created will be old enough to have to engage society and they will be living in a perpetual state of butthurtedness. The screaming Karen's will be numerous.


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