21 October 2021

Nothing Good Comes From Chasing Social Media Trends

Chase your bliss. Follow your dream. Or something. ‘Social Justice’ as Fashion Accessory

Van Living is "popular." Actually a lot of people are homeless because they have been priced out the housing market in places like California, but on social media everything is positive.

Where would a middle-class girl from Long Island get the idea that #vanlife was something she could pursue full-time? Well, young people have been doing stupid things since time immemorial. [SNIP]

Excuse my caustic sarcasm, but Gabby Petito is an extreme example of a much larger problem of young people ruining their lives by following whatever trendy fashion caught their attention on social media.

We know how that story ended. But she isn't the only "Social Media" type to come to a bad end.

Click thru for more examples, and a discussion of how the "Democrat-Media Complex" influences the whole thing.

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