21 October 2021

Crime Is Most Definitely NOT Down

Not in Chicago anyway. I'm sure the powers-that-be, Mayor Groot, and Superintendent Brown, will either ignore these numbers or spin like mad. Carjacker opens fire on couple at Loop intersection; October hijackings up 650% compared to 2019 - CWB Chicago

Chicago recorded 60 carjackings during the first nine days of October, up 650% compared to the same days in 2019 and up 58% compared to the period last year. By the way, that 650% is not a typo.

According to the city’s data, the Loop saw 20 carjackings this year through October 9, that’s up from 11 during the same period last year and five in 2019. City wide, 1,310 carjacking reports were filed this year through October 9, up from 939 at the same point last year and 430 during the period in 2019.

If there are no penalties for crime, and it seems that State's Attorney Kim Foxx and Company are opposed to penalties, then crime will increase. And so it is.

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