21 October 2021

Self-defense Is Legal in Florida

But then I suspected that it was. Arlington man who killed two people did so in self-defense, State Attorney’s Office says

According to the disposition report, the man told Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office investigators he got into an argument with Williams, who was known as “Blade.”

During the argument, Williams and McCord-Harrell both grabbed knives and Williams shoved the man into the wall, took his phone and smashed it, he told police. The man eventually grabbed a gun and shot both of them multiple times and then had a friend call 911, according to JSO.

When police arrived, both Williams and McCord-Harrell were found on the floor unresponsive with knives still in their hands.

There is no explanation why it took from July 11th until the middle of October to make that determination, but then prosecutors really do hate self-defense.

Self-defense is still a human-right.


  1. I think prosecutors know early that they won't charge someone for self-defense, they just wait till that story has been surpassed by other news, and work on cases that someone will be charged with a crime. The self-defense case goes into the pending pile or the "till I get around to it" file.

    1. If you follow the blog, and in particular the "Self-defense" label, there are plenty of instances where DAs, even in Blue cities in Red states, will charge someone with murder, manslaughter, and assault with a deadly weapon, even in cases where a jury will see thru the insanity in about an hour and acquit.

      Prosecutors DO hate self-defense. They are representatives of State Power. You are supposed to defer to State Power in all things, even in cases where the state cannot protect you. Individual action leads to individual responsibility and a desire for freedom from State Power. They hate that.


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