19 June 2021

How Would You Respond to 4 Armed Intruders in Your Home?

Or 4 intruders, whether or not they were armed? 1 suspect shot, deputies looking for 3 others after burglary in Oconee Co.

Deputies said one person was shot when a homeowner fired at a group of people who had broken into his Oconee County home Tuesday afternoon.

The guy who got shot showed up at a local hospital. When the doctors were done with him, cops took him to the county lockup. Two of the other would-be bad-guys have been identified, but not arrested.

Self-defense is a human-right.

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  1. The vast majority of the time when a group of home invaders is shot at they beat feet because they are there for the $$$, not to get killed. But on some occasions such invaders are NOT motivated by profit....but are there to shed blood. Those types will often hang around in spite of taking fire. Best to be prepared, both mentally and martially, for such an encounter.


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