09 May 2021

The Canadian Deep State

Why is it that police feel they can disobey the law? LILLEY: Evidence shows Mounties kept a copy of the gun registry | Toronto Sun

The long-gun registry was brought into being in 1995 with Bill C-68 but was done away with after the passage of Bill C-19 in 2012.

The records were supposed to have been destroyed, but evidence from a 2019 pretrial discovery process shows that the information is still being kept and used by the RCMP.

Now the RCMP isn't quite the Canadian FBI. They actually do more real policing, but they are a federal agency. And they are apparently no longer under control of the elected government. So the two groups have that in common.

Regardless of your position on guns, every Canadian should be concerned when a police force actively subverts the laws they are sworn to uphold.

They no longer serve the people. They no longer serve justice. They only serve their own power.

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