May 08, 2021

I Think Some Police Procedures Need Review

"Fool me once," and all that. Crazy People Are Dangerous: Florida Man Steals Two Cop Cars — ‘Illuminati, Help!’

So the chase started when officers responded to a disturbance.

Investigators said when officers confronted Cummings, he jumped into an unattended patrol car and drove away.
(Is Xavier Cummings a criminal genius, or what?)

They chased him for a while, then they forced him off the road.

When officers moved in to arrest Cummings, he emerged from the woods and jumped into another Cocoa Police Department vehicle and continued fleeing northbound on I-95, police said.
(Oh, he’s definitely a criminal genius.)

You can click thru for the rest of what happened to Mr. Cummings, and why he called on the Illuminati for assistance.

I would just like to point out the police at Cocoa, Florida need to not leave their toys laying around. (Consider all the things that are usually in a police vehicle.)

This is definitely Peak Florida. At least for today.


  1. Here's a link to some police video of the incident. It is long and not really interesting, though I did appreciate the "are you F-ing kidding me?" comment that one of the cops makes.

    1. It is at about 3 minutes and 15 seconds in


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