14 May 2021

Stop Putting Everything About Your Life on Social Media

Why does this even need to be said? Posting your COVID vax card to social media is a great way to get your identity stolen, FBI sys | CWB Chicago

I'm not sure why anyone has to warn about "over sharing" in 2021, but here we are.

Some people just can’t help but share their completed COVID vaccination cards on social media. Thursday, the FBI’s Chicago office urged people to remove those posts — unless they’re interested in having their identities stolen.

“If you have already posted a picture of your vaccination card to social media, remove it immediately,” the federal agency said in a press release. “These cards may contain your name, date of birth, insurance information, or more and may be used to steal your identity or commit fraud.”

Here is a link to the FBI's press release. The FTC had a similar release in February, because of course people were going to post pictures of everything online.

Even if you have zero money in your bank account, identity theft can make your life miserable. It can screw up taxes, credit, and even create legal problems for you. AVOID having your identity stolen. (Have you ever had problems with the IRS? They have no sense of humor.)

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