May 01, 2021

Portland Had a Massive Increase in Crime

But they don't want police. Portland Fights 1000% Increase in Murders With Unarmed Park Rangers - Daniel Greenfield / Sultan Knish articles

Good luck with that...

The City Council had eliminated the Portland Police’s Gun Violence Reduction Team leading to an even worse outbreak of mass shootings and refused Wheeler’s call to bring them back.

They also turned down a direct appeal from black residents and officials, including Pastor J.W. Matt Hennessee, the senior pastor of the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, who reported being on a Zoom call when bullets began flying near his church.

Why would they turn down a request from the community? Because people like Pastor Hennessee don't have the PR budget of the NAACP, which called police...

The Portland NAACP however ranted that the police are racists who "maintain the blight of our communities, reinforces the racists stereotypes and tropes against Black people, and does nothing to repair the harm of generations of racism and white supremacy."

It’s hard to tell what’s worse, the NAACP’s spelling or its blatant disregard for human life.

And the plan? Hire 24 new unarmed park rangers.

While the 24 new unarmed park rangers won’t have any “weapons of war”, like guns or any ability to defend themselves beyond calling the police to ask for help, they do have “de-escalation” and “anti-bias” training which should terrify any gang member.

Click thru for a couple of examples on how that is working out... The rangers call police; it's really all they can do.

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