April 14, 2021

With Friends Like This...

If your friends are pulling knives on you, you should try to get a better group of friends. Man arrested after being shot at friend's home

This also points out, again, that people you know can be a threat. The Left always trots out the dubious statistic that if you own a gun, you are likely to shoot someone you know. That is because people you know are more likely to be a threat, than a complete stranger.

"Later in the evening an argument occurred on the back porch of the home after the visitor was asked to leave," the state police tweeted. "During the argument, the visitor pulled a knife and went towards the homeowner who was in possession of a registered pistol at the time."

Can you guess what happened next? The guy who got shot was taken to a local hospital, and then, because he had outstanding warrants, was turned over to the county sheriff.

Self-defense is a human-right.

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