April 05, 2021

Canadian Pastor Calls Cops Nazis. They Seem to Get the Point.

If only more people had reacted like this. “Out! Out! You Nazis, Out! Gestapo is Not Allowed Here!” – Pastor Throws Canadian Cops Out of Church House

Six Canadian police officers were literally driven from the lobby of an evangelical church by a pastor who was enraged that they had disrupted a service on Passover.

“Nazis are not welcome here,” declared Artur Pawlowski, the pastor of The Cave of Adullam. “Please get out immediately.”

He was apparently in violation of some random Kung Flu virus regulation.

The cops' body language as they leave, seem to indicate that the Nazi remark may have hit home.

You can find a link to the full video of the pastor throwing the Nazis out of his church at the link above.

Or you can find a highlights reel and commentary from Steve Inman at the following link. "Gestapo and Nazis are not welcome here!".

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