07 March 2021

We Need to Teach Girls to Throw a Decent Punch

While I agree with Lindsey Boylan, I think the solution presented here - like most - is one-sided. Gov. Cuomo accuser calls out 'bystanders' who 'validate' abuse

Last week, the Democratic Manhattan Borough President candidate and former Cuomo aide accused the governor of planting an unwanted kiss “on her lips” without warning inside his Manhattan office and said the Dem also once suggested “let’s play strip poker.”

Boylan, who kicked off mounting allegations of sexual misconduct against Cuomo, said more needs to be done to “end the abuse now.”

If she had reacted with a well-placed knee to the groin, a solid jab to the throat, or the more permanent, kick to the knee (with the intent of ripping away tendons), perhaps the less-than-honorable Mr. Cuomo would have realized that his advances were not wanted. The jab and the knee-to-the-groin are tricky, but exploding the knee is a pretty sure way to put them down for the count.

As I said, I agree that people need to stop ignoring the issue, and covering up for their politically-connected bosses. I also think that a basic self-defense class can go a long way toward discouraging bad behavior.

Learning self-defense techniques is difficult , and must be practiced continually, but the fact that you feel a bit more in control of the world you live in is truly empowering.

Of course knowing self-defense is no guarantee.

Nothing in this world is absolutely certain but death and next winter’s snow
   — Marion Zimmer-Bradley. The Saga of the Renunciates (Darkover Saga)

But those skills can shift the balance in your favor. And even if all you do is give the bastard a black eye, that can be a source of satisfaction.


  1. The nutcracker kick is effective if delivered ruthlessly on target. The knee kick makes pursuit impossible if it really connects, but both depend on training, strength and practice.

    1. Guys on drugs - or adrenaline - can be remarkably immune to the knee/kick to the groin. But in the context of an office....

      Also the knee is a good target. Hard to protect. Easy to disable. Most people can generate sufficient power in their legs to tear the ligaments free, if you know where to aim.

      When I learned that move, we were told that they would probably never walk again, but the NFL and the NBA and the rest of the 3-letter alphabet sports businesses have pushed orthopedic surgery ahead in the past few decades. Still, they aren't going to walk before they get medical attention.


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