March 07, 2021

That's What You Call Ironic

Because of course it was. TV reporter’s camera stolen during an interview about thefts, California cops say.

“This incident is ridiculous & unacceptable, but not entirely unexpected in San Francisco in 2021,” wrote Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, who represents the neighborhood, in a series of Twitter posts.

Mandelman called on the city to bolster funding for public safety agencies and adopt better strategies to deter repeat offenders.

Did he just say "Let's get tough on crime?" In San Francisco? Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

The reaction of the reporter and the homeowner he was interviewing are interesting, though not priceless.

And in the only bit that surprised me...

Thieves have repeatedly targeted film crews and television news teams for camera thefts in the Bay Area in recent years, McClatchy News reported.

Aren't news crews thiefs' best friends? Aren't they always going on about how punishment and other "deterrents to repeat offenders" are unfair, or don't work, or something? And is there a market for hot TV cameras?

The camera was recovered a short time later.

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