07 March 2021

They Suffered a Failure of the Victim-selection Process

A son defends his father. Suspect fatally shot in head, homeowner shot in leg after masked men invade home in Chesterfield Co.

Two guys forced their way into a home to execute a robbery. A third was apparently outside.

Officials say two masked men went into a home and one of them shot the homeowner in the leg.

That same homeowner then got into a fight with the other masked man before the homeowner’s son came out with a shotgun and shot the man in the head who was fighting his father, according to authorities.

The guy waiting outside ran like a rabbit, but the cops had a description of the car. The other guy was detained at the scene of the crime.

Various charges are listed for the guy in custody. The miscreant on the loose will face the same set of charges when they catch up with him.

Defense of self, and of family, is a human right.

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