March 07, 2021

An Adaptive Curmudgeon Musical Interlude

AC starts out with a post and winds up with two songs. The post is excellent. The songs, classic. Waiting For The Worms / In The Flesh | Adaptive Curmudgeon

In the intellectually constrained sweatbox of modern life, there’s a prison from which few escape with free minds. I’m referring of course, to universities. I mock them heartily in the next few posts and for good reason. Students who live lives of luxury unrivaled in all human history “speak truth to power” while they mainline power itself. Disconnected from reality, they spiral out of control, cruel and remorseless. They become the “literal Nazi” they project on others.

The power structure of the modern university is amazing. Kids study topics that have no relation to real world and give them no leg up in the job market. (How many people with those crazy degrees are working if coffee shops or living in their mother's basement.) And when their lives are not perfect based on their Offended-feminist-studies major, it is all the fault of the evil bankers, or the Orange Man, or whatever.

Those who would control your life are trying to fill the hole in theirs. It’s a story as old as time.

Click thru for the two Pink Floyd songs. They are a bit on the dark side for a Sunday, but here we are.

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