14 March 2021

Couple Set on Fire on French Bus

Not very many news organizations considered this worthy story. Horror moment woman is engulfed in flames after being doused in petrol and set on fire on Paris bus

A 54-year-old woman and her male companion were riding a bus in Noisy-le-Sec, which is an eastern suburb of Paris.

The bus was travelling through the suburban streets of the Seine-Saint-Denis department of Paris.

Several men then boarded the vehicle before one of them randomly sprayed the 54-year-old woman.

Her 50-year-old male companion was also soaked in the fluid.

Both passengers were then ignited.

Police are saying the attack was random - not related to gangs is what that means. Didn't seem too random.

The image below is of a tweet, and its translation, from the Préfecture de Police for the Paris region. (There are 2 such regions in all of France.)

Brietbart lists the Paris suburb as a "no-go" place, which generally means that is an enclave of immigrants who object to women wearing Western fashion, but the news has been fairly scubbed on that score so I cannot tell if it is true or not. Man Sets Woman on Fire on Bus in Paris No-Go Suburbs. If anyone comes across more information on this incident, I would appreciate a link left in the comments.

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