March 14, 2021

HOAs Are Evil: A Bunch of Examples

I owned a condo for 9 months. I actually lived in it for 7 months. HOAs are evil. Homeowners Share The Pettiest Complaint They've Received From Their HOA

The first example: A Dallas ice storm broke a tree which destroyed a fence at 3AM. At 6AM the homeowner got a notice of violation given that The Rules required a fence. NO EXCEPTIONS!

So I sued the HOA, the president of the HOA individually, and the chief enforcement officer individually for violating several state laws. They tried to back down. I refused until the entire HOA board agreed to resign and sign a permanent injunction against ever being on our HOA again.

That isn't the worst example, though it sounds like a satisfying outcome.


  1. Here's a quote from that article that I didn't use. Maybe I should have...

    "These organizations have been weaponized by Brad's and Karen's to wreak havoc on unassuming residents just trying to go about their day-to-day lives."

    1. I used to get free Chicago Tribunes from work (I won't even take free ones nowadays) and I always liked the Sunday real estate section and reading the questions sent in about HOAs and condo boards. Real nightmares !!!

  2. HOA boards tend to draw power hungry mini despots to them.
    I could never live where there was a board.

  3. Can't leave your car in the driveway, never your boat and forget about an RV. No basketball hoops in the driveway. Nope you cannot build a shed on your property.
    This an HOA for private homes!! Not condos, single family dwellings!
    Yeah. Didn't work out so well...


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