March 27, 2021


I hadn't taken the time to listen to very much of music by The Pretty Reckless in the past. I heard a few of their songs in passing, and I liked what I heard, but since their new album came out I've taken the time to listen to a lot of their stuff. I like it. It is mostly old-school Rock & Roll. And I love Taylor Momsen's voice. It has a smoky quality I usually associate with jazz singers. That, and the fact that they do some real songwriting. I think you might like their stuff as well.

Though today's song isn't QUITE just old-school rock. It does remind me of both Melissa Ethridge and Pat Benetar in some ways. I leave it to you to decide.

Here's what Cryptic Rock had to say...

One of the most popular acts in Rock today, The Pretty Reckless are a no none sense Rock-n-Roll band with all the tools to get to the top. A well oiled machine, The Pretty Reckless are lead by the astounding vocals of Singer Taylor Momsen, Guitarist Ben Phillips, Drummer Jamie Perkins, and Bassist Mark Damon. Over the course of their first four albums, The Pretty Reckless have been nothing short of successful.

They had three #1 hits off their 2014 album, so I guess that statement about success is fair.

This song is "25" by The Pretty Reckless from the new album Death by Rock and Roll, which was just released on February 12th, 2021. I like it.

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