27 March 2021

200 Bucks Is All This Judge Cares for Your Safety

This is truly insane. Man with 2 pending carjacking cases is charged with driving freshly-hijacked SUV. Price to go home? $200. | CWB Chicago

An 18-year-old is accused of driving a freshly-hijacked Uber vehicle last week while on juvenile probation for robbery and with two carjacking cases and a gun case pending in juvenile court. A judge told him he could go home on electronic monitoring by posting a $200 deposit.

And why wasn't this a violation of prior probation?

Any bets on whether or not he offends again?

In other news of "Affordable Bail" the count is up to 11. #11: Man who shot cop and passerby hoped to be killed by CPD, prosecutors say.

Thomas has been AWOL on drug distribution charges since he stopped showing up for court appearances in September, court records show. He is the eleventh person accused of killing or trying to kill someone in Chicago this year while on bond for another felony.

How bad does it have to get before people wake up?


  1. What are the bail laws there. Lots of judges have had their discretion regarding bail taken away by commie bastards in legislatures.

    1. Judges can still hold people without bail.

      Illinois has passed a law outlawing cash bail in cases where "there is no danger to the public," but that law hasn't taken effect yet.

  2. Its Lefturd metro. They have no commonsense, morality nor honor. That's whu they live in rat ridden warrens like Chicago, where corruption is king and bigotry is big business.


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