26 March 2021

Dion Payton, The Best Guitar Player You've Never Heard Of

I think I only heard Mr. Payton play once, at Kingston Mines, though it would have been many years ago... Dion Payton, legendary Chicago underground blues guitarist, dead at 70 - Chicago Sun-Times

He didn't record much, because he didn't trust record labels.

Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix and Zak Starkey all came to see Mr. Payton and his band play at different points at the Kingston Mines. Mr. Payton also performed live with Bono.

This is perhaps the only song Dion Payton ever recorded for a record label, "All Your Affection Is Gone." It is by Dion Payton, and 43rd Street Blues Band. 43rd Street has a special meaning in Chicago, because The Checkerboard Lounge was on 43rd Street. That was the Blues club owned by Buddy Guy (among others) and made famous when The Rolling Stones showed up in 1981 and made a video/album in the place.

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