February 23, 2021

Carjacking - The Other Epidemic

The Other McCain starts us off with, Philadelphia: Carjack City, U.S.A.

Carjackings increased 80% last year in Philadelphia, when there were 404 carjackings, and January’s numbers show an even further rise

Chicago might have something to say about Philadelphia being "Carjack City, USA." Chicago police arrest 210 suspected carjackers in first 50 days of 2021.

Carjackings rose about 135% last year to 1,415 and continue at a high pace this year, police statistics show. CPD recorded 218 carjackings in January 2021 – a staggering spike from the 77 reported during the same time last year, authorities previously told Fox News.

That is a lot of carjacking, though they have apparently also arrested a lot of people, but my guess (fear?) is that what passes for the Criminal Justice System in Chicago and Cook County will turn most of them free with no-cash bond. Of course Illinois is in the process of eliminating cash bail, so there is that.

It is tough to find stories that capture "year-over-year" or month to month comparisons. That might be because we are in the middle of February.

What it isn't hard to find are stories of carjackings. Here are just a few.

I could go on at length.

When you make something cheap, you get more of it. In Chicago - which is really the only city I track closely, and that for sentimental reasons - has decided that it won't punish most criminals. The cops arrest them, and the State's Attorney's office (run by Crimesha, also known as Kim Foxx), together with the judges, turn them loose. And guess what... They offend again.

Things are going to get a lot worse before anyone dares to utter the words, "Tough on Crime" during an election.

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