23 February 2021

Would They Publish a Misleading Headline?

Of course they would. Man shot in Pike Co. while cutting off catalytic converter - Scioto Valley Guardian

He was not "cutting off anything." He had just hit the homeowner in the face with the saw.

The Sheriff said Thompson struck the homeowner in the face with the saw, and that’s when the homeowner shot Thompson in the groin. Thompson reportedly crawled away into a nearby pickup truck and fled the area, the Sheriff reported.

But it is hard to paint the law-abiding gun owner as a monster if you admit that he was only defending himself from a violent assault, and not acting as a blood-crazed vigilante.

The guy who got shot is wanted on felony charges.

Media Bias? What Media Bias? Oh, and they have a published email address, but it is apparently bouncing emails as "no such mailbox." So they don't want to hear about what a crappy job they are doing.


  1. They do not care if you think they are doing a crappy job. You don't understand how this works. If you are e-mailing them to tell them they suck then they are happy. It means you are watching/listening/reading and that is all they want. You attention is how they make money - not by giving a damn about what you think.

    1. My browsers are so full of ad-blockers, and privacy enhancers that sites that really care won't let me view them

      These guys are just incompetent fools. And so are not making any money off of me...


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