February 23, 2021

A High Tech Civilization Was Nice While It Lasted

The reliance on Green Energy is going to make that impossible to maintain. Texas Was "Seconds And Minutes" From Complete Disaster | ZeroHedge

The power catastrophe that is currently going on in Texas could have been much worse.

[Bill Magness, president of Electric Reliability Council of Texas or ERCOT] said on Wednesday that if operators had not acted in that moment, the state could have suffered blackouts that “could have occurred for months,” and left Texas in an “indeterminately long” crisis.

So of course instead of taking the blame for building a house of cards, the bureaucrats are patting themselves on the back saying, it could have been much worse.

And while that may justify the widespread blackouts, it does not explain why the Texas grid was so underprepared for just this scenario. ERCOT officials have repeatedly said that the winter storm that swept the state caught power generators off guard. The storm far exceeded what ERCOT projected in the fall to prepare for winter. Right, but that's why they are paid the big bucks: to predict worst case scenarios (kinda like the Fed) - it is here that everyone failed so abysmally. Which means that it has to be spun into some heroic task.

Hat tip to Lawrence Person, who notes...

Could be worse: ERCOT says that their quick thinking to impose rotating blackouts prevented the physical destruction of the Texas Interconnect Grid. That may even be true, but it’s sort of like a teenager saying “Thanks to my quick thinking, I only managed to burn down the garage and not the entire house!”

Electric UN-reliability Council is more like it.

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