04 June 2024

How to Fight the Deep State

From Wombat-socho - The Amchitka Strategic Bureaucracy Reserve

One of the problems with uprooting the Deep State and the associated federal bureaucracy is that many of the people we want to drive into the wilderness are protected by being in the Civil Service, which makes them practically impossible to fire. A possible solution to this (short of electing a conservative – note I didn’t say Republican – Congress that will repeal the Civil Service Act of 1978) is to make serving in the bureaucracy as unpleasant as possible. There have been some proposals to disperse Federal agencies among the several states so as to put them “closer to the people they serve” and incidentally weaken the Washington DC area both economically and politically. Those proposals don’t go far enough. I propose that since we clearly have an excess of enemies of the state drawing paychecks from the Treasury, we should put them in places where no reasonable person would want to live and work, while making their lives as difficult as possible once they’re there. Such as, for example, the Aleutian island of Amchitka, most noted for being the site of a 1971 nuclear test that environmental wackos promised us would destroy Anchorage, Juneau, and Vancouver with an enormous man-made tsunami. (Spoiler: It didn’t.)

There is more snark at the link. RTWT.

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