21 June 2024

Friday Links - 21 June

Stephen Green at Instapundit is up first with FLASHBACK: Retired WNBA Player Reveals She Was Bullied for Being Straight.

“Wiggins, a four-time All-American at Stanford, asserts she was targeted for harassment from the time she was drafted by Minnesota because she is heterosexual”

Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media - Of Course the White House Correspondents' Association Is Working With the Dems

During one of his many unfortunate off-leash appearances last week, Joe Biden bristled at a reporter's question, and slurred something about wishing that the reporters would "play by the rules a little bit."

Oh-oh, Grandpa just let out a secret.

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 19 June 2024: Into The Out Of Edition

I'd sooner swallow a wasp: An AI app called Butterflies promises to destroy social media forever. (The Verge)

When you sign up, you create an AI personality called a Butterfly that can post text and pictures on your behalf, and interact with other Butterflies on the platform, so that you can log out and go for a walk while your account that has all your personal information attached discusses homeschooling with an FBIfly.

Meep At Stump - Gordon Ramsay Shows the Danger of Bicycle Riding, and Importance of Helmets. She is an actuary, after all.

So, of course, my mind went straight to cycling death stats.

The Other McCain - The Star Treatment

My wife and our youngest daughter, Reagan, returned from Argentina last night. Reagan said that after the plane landed, she removed her sweater and fixed her hair because she knew — from previous experience — that as soon as they emerged from the gate at baggage claim I would be snapping photos. “Paparazzi Dad” is nothing if not predictable.

This goes back to a Basic Journalism Trick that I learned during the earliest years of my newspaper career, working for small-town weeklies: Treat the people you cover as if they were famous celebrities.

Adaptive Curmudgeon - The Covid Thunderstorm

Eventually, the radio and Mrs. Curmudgeon’s phone quit sending us warnings of imminent doom. Not a drop of rain had fallen. Nobody apologized for their spastic false positive. (Nobody ever does.)

It feels like everything I hear from every source is hyperventilating all the time. I theorize the goal is to have us spastic and panicked. It’s bad for us to hear that crap.

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