20 June 2024

Don't Bring a Screwdriver to a Gunfight

You would think that the bad guys would realize this. Sherman homeowner shoots suspected burglar

I'm guessing his day did not turn out the way he planned. First he got shot, and then he was arrested.

A homeowner shot a suspected burglar in Sherman Monday afternoon, leading to the arrest of the person who was shot.

Sherman, Texas is about a 65 mile drive north of Dallas.

It seems the guy charged the homeowner while armed with a screwdriver.

“Allegedly, the other individual who has been detained was caught breaking into the homeowner’s shed behind his home, when the homeowner confronted him, the suspect allegedly charged him with a screwdriver and the homeowner is claiming self-defense with the discharge of the firearm,” said [Lieutenant Sam Boyle with the Sherman Police Department].

Burglar tools were found at the scene, so that's an extra charge. The homeowner was not charged because Texas has not morphed into a copy of NYC, legally speaking, though the investigation continues.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

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