21 May 2024

Tuesday Links - 21 May

The Other McCain starts us off with Boomers, Millennials and Stereotypes

One of the unfortunate habits of journalists, academics and other members of the intelligentsia is to generalize about generations to the point of promoting stereotypes. It is somehow acceptable to make categorical characterizations of Baby Boomers in a way that would be considered racist — RAAAAACIST! — were one to make such broad generalizations about ethnic groups.

Stately McDaniel Manor - Electric Vehicles: Billion Dollar Charging Stations?!

Not long ago the Mummified Meat Puppet Administration (MMPA) allocated $7.5 billion dollars we don’t have to build 500,000 EV charging stations across the nation by 2030. In a stunning display of government efficiency, know-how and can-do spirit, the MMPA has, in two years, built—wait for it–seven. That’s seven in four states on the east coast at the rate of 3.5 per year.

The Adventures of Roberta X - The Dismal Science

My only consolation is that there are very few rich economists -- and I can't help but suspect we might be better off if there were fewer rich politicians, too.

Again from The Other McCain - Isn’t It Time We Discuss the Leading Cause of Antisemitism in America?

It is to be recalled that Raskin spent months presiding over the phony J6 “insurrection” hearings, conducted by an illegitimate committee whose membership was handpicked by Nancy Pelosi contrary to the rules of the House.

Lone Star Parson - Warsaw Bans Crucifixes

Warsaw's radical leftist globohomo mayor Rafał Trzaskowski has banned crucifixes and religious symbols from public buildings and instructed government workers to use gender neutral language and preferred pronouns. This will, apparently, make Warsaw's civic governance less discrimnatory. Unless, of course, you're Christian.

Stephen Green at PJ Media - How About a Cheap Used Car? It's Only Two Years Old, but There's a Catch...

Hertz is unloading 30,000 used cars on the market. The mileage might not be the lowest, but they're all 2022 or newer and lovingly maintained by the company's team of professional mechanics. While most used-car prices remain sky-high, the prices on these gently used babies is shockingly low.

There's just one catch: they're all Teslas.

The Other McCain again - Biden Administration Loses Key Ally

The Biden administration gave $16 billion to Iran, but Joe Biden’s valuable partner is now missing and likely dead:

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