22 May 2024

Homeowners in Florida Are Armed

This guy didn't get that memo. Man shot after trying to carjack homeowner in Herlong area, Jacksonville police say from Action News Jax

Officers stopped a car because they thought it was stolen. The driver pushed a passenger out of the car, and sped off. That car was abandoned nearby.

After abandoning the car, the man was running on the 2000 block of Oxbow Road and approached homeowners, [Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Karen] Dukes said.

He entered a garage, and tried to carjack an armed homeowner. He ran away after an exchange of gunfire, but came back and tried again.

That homeowner told the suspect he was in fear and told him to stay away. Dukes said the suspect kept advancing and the homeowner shot him in the leg.

The car was reported stolen, and the homeowner is not being charged at this time, because Self Defense, in addition to being a Human Right, is also your legal right in Florida. The investigation is ongoing.

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