04 May 2024

Door Ding Causes EV SUV to be Totaled by Insurance Company

The future is stupid. Fisker Ocean Totaled After Tiny Door Ding Souring EV Dream | Carscoops

This is really a question of the company, more than the question of it being an EV, but still... This is a fairly unusual vehicle, but the company is still (I think) in business. I don't expect them to last if this is any indication.

Door dings and minor auto body damage occur frequently in daily driving. Typically, insurance companies manage the repairs without much fuss. However, when the vehicle in question is a Fisker Ocean, things can go very bad, very quickly, and that’s exactly what happened in this instance.

After someone hit Joy Wanner’s Ocean while the door was open, the damage appeared to be minor. But lo and behold, less than a month later, the insurance company deemed the electric SUV from the struggling startup teetering on the brink of bankruptcy a total loss.

That doesn't consider the problems the owner had with the car before the accident.

It was so frustrating to pay that much money for a car only to get annoyed every time you used it,” she shared.

Click thru for those details.

Damage was originally estimated to be about $900, but that was an understatement.

Just over 30 days after the accident, the insurance company cut her a check for $53,303. Still, that payout has far from made Wanner whole.

“We lost over $20,000 investing in this startup EV and I cannot say goodbye fast enough,” Joe told a group of Fisker Ocean fans on Facebook.

Buying a car should not be a bet, but then they freely selected a car company without much history of success. If I was running this insurance company, I would immediately stop writing policies on Fisker.

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