13 April 2024

Wyoming Hospital Discovers that Gun-Free Zones Are Defenseless-Victim Zones

That old saying about a conservative being a liberal who was mugged seems to be in play. In part. Wyoming Hospital System Considers Scrapping 'Gun-Free Zone' Policy

I'm shocked to discover that if you put a sign saying "This is a weapon-free zone," that doesn't automatically (and magically) keep the bad guys from bringing weapons into that zone. Now I don't expect too many people in Wyoming to be liberal, even if they do work in a hospital. This is not New Jersey.

There have recently been two incidents where people brought knives into psychiatry offices operated by Campbell County Health, in Wyoming. They brought those weapons into the offices despite the fact that there were signs saying to do so was forbidden. None of the staff had any means of protecting themselves or other patients. I think it made it clear to them that wishful thinking doesn't really hold any sway in The Real World™ when it comes to people intent on violence.

In one case the person hurt themselves, in the other police arrived before anyone could be hurt.

Based on just those two incidents, I think it's fair to say that the current policy isn't stopping anyone from bringing a weapon into these facilities. So why should every employee be forced to be disarmed while they're on the clock?

Even though it appears that there's an appetite for change, the hospital system won't be making any immediate moves to revise its current policy.

There is a whole political reason that this is coming up as well. I will leave Liberty Doll to explain it, as she is more eloquent than I can manage.

This is Liberty Doll's video Hospital Considering End to Gun Free Zone. (She gets the hat tip.)


  1. Just my own comment and opinion = my own EDC is a large frame .45 H&K USP and Galco shoulder hardness very good at keeping it flat and hidden. Draws fast. Two mags 10 rounds each so on my body I have 31 chances to return fire at any bad guy, "No guns allowed" signs of ANY kind are worthless to me with exception of court houses or airports. I ALWAYS have my gun on me ready to go. Stupid worthless signs are of zero difference to me and I expect bad guys feel exact same way.

  2. No hospital anywhere in the country...and no major corporation for that matter...is EVER going to change their minds on their "no guns allowed" policies. For a very simple reason. If they allow anyone working on the premises to be armed and that person ever uses their weapon for ANY reason on ANYONE the lawsuits will be endless and incapacitating for the company. These corporate entities, both nonprofit and for profit would much rather sacrifice a few employees to criminals and nutjobs than have to face lawsuits for allowing people to defend themselves effectively. TAKE THAT FACT TO THE BANK.

    1. Which is why one of the states is working to pass legislation that if you post you "no guns allowed" sign, and I am injured because I can't defend myself, you will be liable. I would also like to see pizza delivery drivers sue the pizza companies that insist they be disarmed.


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