03 March 2024

Rideshare Driver Claims Self-Defense in Shooting

This article doesn't mention Uber, though they do display an unrelated photo of an Uber logo, other stories do mention Uber. More on that later. Nashville rideshare driver claims self-defense, kills passenger in alleged kidnapping

Metro Police report that 44-year-old Davin Campbell called 911 twice Monday night, first saying that he had been kidnapped by someone in his vehicle and secondly that he had shot a man who robbed and kidnapped him.

When he called 911 the second time to report the shooting, he said where he was, and waited for police. Still, the investigation is ongoing, and the DA will make the determination about any charges.

As for Uber, this driver will lose his income stream from that service because the rideshare company demands that drivers are defenseless victims. Well, that was their policy a few years ago, I haven't tracked it because they also demand that customers be disarmed.

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