20 February 2024

Tuesday Links - 20 February

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony starts us off with Daily News Stuff 16 February 2024: Rrat Edition

Apple has publicly confirmed that it has broken support for persistent web apps (PWAs) on purpose. (Tech Crunch)

The company went on to explain that it broke support because its operating system is buggy and insecure, and because it hates its own developers and users.

They didn't mean to explain that, but they did.

Legal Insurrection - Iowa Universities To Review “Diversity Scholarships” After “Civil Complaints … Filed Against Other Universities” by Equal Protection Project. You can't end discrimination based on race, by discriminating based on race.

We are pleased to see that our actions are helping change the narrative on campuses nationwide, even those where we have not filed a complaint.

Victory Girls - Brooklyn Schools Are The Coolest Schools In The Land

Brooklyn schools are cool because of their immense diversity. In fact, “they’re much cooler than a private school”. And, pfft, your homeschool curriculum? BORING. Brooklyn schools have SWINGERS!

Yes, this is not a typo. I said swingers.

The Other McCain - WTF, ‘Eritrean Migrant Factions’?

Having searched my conscience for a reason to give a flying fuck about Eritrea, however, I must confess I found nothing. Instead, I’m leaning toward the conclusion that Eritreans are nothing but trouble and we should send them all back to Eritrea.

Clayton Cramer - Why Are Students in Debt?

University of Pennsylvania president annual compensation above $22 million. That is $60,000 per day.

Robert Spencer at PJ Media - The Media Is Covering Up Key Facts About the Lakewood Church Shooter's Motivations

ABC News reported Tuesday that Walli Carranza, Moreno’s former mother-in-law, said that “when she first met Moreno, the young woman wore a hijab and said she practiced Islam.” It was also widely reported that Moreno’s AR-15 was emblazoned with a sticker reading “Palestine” and that “antisemitic writings” were found among her possessions, but nevertheless, as ABC put it, “a motive remains under investigation.”

Wombat-socho - FMJRA 2.0: SERVICE GUARANTEES CITIZENSHIP. Do sample the Song of the Day (SOTD)

People are arguing on X about Starship Troopers again. Ignore the movie (which is fun but dumb) and read the book instead.

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Project Daily Driver: Low Urgency Tractor Awesomeness

I live in East Bumfuk nowhere. The local supply of goods and services is scant. We all need snow removal but it’s not like there’s a “dial 1-800-plowsno or www.clearmydriveway.com” solution. I meet people who cannot believe there are places like this. I assure you it’s true.

Again from The Other McCain - Shannon Cortez Gooden: Burnsville Gunman the Media Won’t Name

The motive for such a cover-up is . . . mysterious.

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