10 February 2024

Stupid Gun Owners Make Things Worse for Everyone

Arrest warrant issued for Fort Worth homeowner accused of shooting at door-to-door salesman

A door-to-door salesman was shot at by a homeowner in Fort Worth.

The man, who asked not to be identified, is not injured thanks to a tablet that stopped the bullet.

“I’m just shook up,” said the salesman.

I didn't think door-to-door was really a viable strategy, though I've had people ring my doorbell from tree services, saying, "We are in the area. Can we cut down that dead tree in your yard?" (When the Emerald Ash Borer got going, there was always a dead tree in the yard.)

He says he was going door-to-door in an East Fort Worth neighborhood on Thursday morning around 11:30 a.m. asking homeowners about their electric bills.

The guy who did the shooting apparently made a racist comment. He will be charged and probably do some time. Good. Idiots with guns don't do anyone any favors.

As Professor David Yamane pointed out recently, you can't just open fire on anyone knocking on your door. Some people coming to your home have a legitimate reason to be there.

Massad Ayoob said that one group of people who are very likely to knock on your door or ring your doorbell in the middle of the night are local police, coming to tell you that they found your stolen car. You may not even know that the car had been stolen, but you probably don't want to just open fire on them either. There are other reasons the cops might be there at 3 AM. (That last link is to a video where he covers what you should, and should not do, at 3 AM.)

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