06 February 2024

Are You Prepared for the Coming Storm?

This is from Jews Can Shoot, but isn't just a Jewish issue. A lot of people have the idea that if they keep their heads down, trouble will pass them by. That is nothing but wishful thinking. You are an armed Jew. You are a Jew who can shoot.

In the Holocaust, being non-threatening stopped being a defense mechanism. The defense mechanism that Jews had developed for centuries of lying low and waiting for it to blow over catastrophically failed.

Those Jews who could fight had a chance at survival. And, even more importantly, they had the opportunity to save their fellow Jews.

The Armed Jew isn’t non-threatening. He lives “Never Again” by being ready to fight back. He doesn’t believe in keeping his mouth shut.

I believe the situation we face today is more akin to the French Revolution, than Wiemar Germany, but the rise of antisemitism is worrying. Predicting the future is not my area, however.

Some people are talking more like it will be like a reenactment of the Bronze Age collapse. The only thing I know is that if you are not prepared for bad things, then you probably won't survive if bad things happen.

Basic knowledge that was commonplace 100 years ago is lacking in the public. Sanitation. How to find clean water. Dealing with simple injuries to avoid sepsis. That doesn't even count not having basic supplies for a even a few days.

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