11 December 2023

The Democrats Antisemitism Keeps Coming Into Clear View

Can you imagine if it was anti-gay hate on display? Or any other minority aside from Jews? L.A. Mayor Karen Bass Silent on Antisemitic Mob, Two Days Later

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has failed to comment on an antisemitic mob Friday that vandalized walls across from synagogues in Westwood with anti-Israel slogans.

What can she say? Disavow the pro-Palestinian protestors? Decry them as antisemitic hate mongers? That would put here in deep yogurt with the "progressive, tolerant Left."

And the media is being a little bit stupid too.

The Los Angeles Times buried the news, reporting only that “Some walls along Wilshire were tagged with graffiti, and protesters blocked and delayed traffic at various points along the thoroughfare.” The mob also vandalized the Westwood United Methodist Church with anti-Israel slogans.

I'm shocked that a progressive media outlet like the LA Times would shade the truth to protect their biases, their hatred. OK, I'm not shocked.

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