30 December 2023

Saturday Roundup of Link Roundups - 30 December

The Right Way is first with Top of the News

And, suddenly - The Daley Gator
Russia Parks Its Tactical Nukes in Belarus - IOTW Report

Animal Magnetism - Animal’s Hump Day News

Britain’s Net Zero fuck-up.
She should be fired immediately, which means, she probably won’t be.

EBL - Nikki Haley is dumb as a bag of rocks

AoSHQ: Morning Report 12.28.23 and Civil War Expert Nikki Haley
Instapundit: Nikki Haley on the Civil War

Battleswarm Blog - LinkSwarm For December 29, 2023

The Detroit Pistons tied a record for futility by losing 28 straight games. (Hat tip: Dwight.)
“Colorado Bans Trump From Running Over Concerns Usual Election Rigging System Could Fail.”

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 27 December 2023: Apple Of The I Edition

Windows 11 will soon let you reinstall the operating system without wiping your files. (XDA Developers)
The only problem is that after reinstalling, you'll still have Windows 11.

Flopping Aces - The Week in Radical Leftism, 12/29/2023

12/23 – Republicans In 3 States Look To Remove Biden From Ballot
12/24 – “No one wants to buy used EVs”
12/25 – MTG Swatted (Again) at Her Home on Christmas Day

The DaleyGator - Your Sarcastic, Smart Assed, Snarky Friday Post…..on Thursday

The Other McCain ponders Stupid people
The Lid OH! NO! SLOW! JOE!
The College Fix- HISTORY BAD…..

Small Dead Animals - Wednesday On Turtle Island

Woke Britain: Leadership in the UK. Blackie’s Canada: Justin’s new girlfriend. Tampons for Trudeau.
Dementia Joe’s America: More Democrat voters on the way. The opposite of majority rule.

A View from the Beach - Flotsam and Jetsam - Are GOP Congresscritters Being Blackmailed?

At Hat Hair, Ben Shapiro argues Barring Trump From Ballots Is a Recipe for Violence. "All of which means that 2024 is going to be the most insane and ugly presidential election in American history."

Vlad Tepes - The point is never the point, and the issue is never the issue: Links 1 for December 28th, 2023

4. With the left and Islam, the point is never the point. The issue is never the issue, The destruction of the West in every way is always the issue.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler - The News And Commentary for Thursday

Item 3: Russia, Iran Officially Ditch U.S. Dollar for Trade
Without really reading this story, I am guessing that they are getting around US sanctions this way.

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 12/27/2023

Portland Sees Increase in Diseases Spread by Human Waste
Multnomah County is encouraging residents to watch their hygiene after a boost in shigella cases was observed in Old Town Portland.

Cafe Hayek - Some Links

“The sputtering EV market shows what happens when companies heed planners instead of consumers.”
Arnold Kling ponders the changing mind.

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report — 12/27/23

"A highly disturbing investigation."
Ami on the Loose Video: Would College Students Donate to Support the Killing of Jews

Maggie's Farm - Wednesday morning links

Is Britain 'Erasing the Right to Protest?'
Britain's Net Zero Disaster & The Wind Power Scam

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: Barack’s Lieutenant: The Racism, Revenge, and Ruin of Claudine Gay

• Jackboot Smith Aims to Silence Trump - David Strom
• Colorado GOP Appeals Supreme Court Ruling Ousting Trump From Ballot - DC
• Happy Kwanzaa! The Holiday Brought to You by the FBI - Unsafe

I leave you with Wednesday Memes … from MaddMedic, Quick Hits Of Wisdom, Knowledge And Snark #1524 from 90 Miles from Tyranny, and Wednesday With The Skiparoo ~ AM from Woodsterman.

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