11 December 2023


MONO INC. is a Gothic Metal/Rock or Goth band out Hamburg, Germany. I don't remember where I first heard them, though I quite like the songs I have heard. But then I always liked Goth, even before it was Goth.

Which is a sad statement on my ability to find bands, because this band has been around for a while. From Cryptic Rock: MONO INC. – Ravenblack (Album Review):

Twenty-three years after their inception, not many bands are still recording new music, let alone, offering listeners an extensive catalog that boasts twelve studio albums and more. For Germany’s MONO INC.—Vocalist/Songwriter/Producer Martin Engler, Guitarist/Backing Vocalist Carl Fornia, Bassist/Backing Vocalist Val Perun, and Drummer/Backing Vocalist Katha Mia—music is in the blood.

This is "Ravenblack" by MONO INC. It is the title song to their 2023 album.

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