03 December 2023

NYC Store Owners Arming Up

Can you blame them? NYC bodega owners, grocers arming themselves with guns amid violent thefts plaguing Big Apple

The National Supermarket Association, which represents roughly 600 independent grocers, estimated a quarter of its members in the city are packing heat, compared to 10% pre-pandemic.

It is still not enough, but given the regulatory environment in NY State and NYC it is amazing that so many have been able to get guns legally.

And despite some spin, things are worse than they were.

An NYPD spokesperson said robbery and grand larceny incidents have shrunk 5.2% and 3.1%, respectively, through Nov. 26 compared to the same time period last year.

Robbery and grand larceny arrests have increased by 11% and 18% so far this year compared to the same time period in 2022.

Reported incidents are down. Given the state of policing in NYC, where people are back on the street in a day, are they even bothering to report incidents?

The surge in gun-toting grocers follows the Supreme Court’s landmark decision last year to strike down New York State’s century-old law, which severely restricted who could carry handguns in public by requiring applicants to show “proper cause” for needing the weapon beyond general protection.

The Dems in NY are still fighting about that one.

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