03 December 2023

Congress Trying to Stop TSA from Abusing Facial Recognition Technology

In the end the government will never give up this kind of thing. They love this kind of controlling tech. Leo Hohmann: Move Afoot in Congress to Ban U.S. Airports from Secretly Scanning Passengers’ Faces and Indefinitely Storing Their Personal Biometric Data

The government’s biometric data-collection program, which has not been widely reported on in the corporate media, has been going on at 16 airports for seven months — at least that’s how long the government admits to it. And most Americans who frequent these airports are completely unaware that they are having their face scans harvested and stored in databanks freely accessed by the U.S. government.

Two senators, one a Republican and the other a Democrat, have stood up and said, enough. This needs to stop.

Senators John Kennedy, Republican of Louisiana, and Jeff Merkley, Democrat of Oregon, introduced legislation on Wednesday, November 29, to end involuntary facial recognition screening at airports.

I doubt that enough people will dare to cross the deep state.

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  1. Even if Congress outlaws the practice they will do it anyway. Because nothing will happen to them for doing so. Want to make such a law effective. Include MANDATORY prison time for anyone and everyone who violates the law...no exceptions.


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