28 November 2023

Tuesday Links - 28 November

A disturbing story of a "Pro Palestinian" protest at a high school as seen by a Jewish student. Sort of. Andrew Fox at Tablet magazine. A Dark Thanksgiving

But my son felt, both in the heat of that moment and in his thoughts afterward, he was being selectively silenced, the only kid to suffer censorship, a lone Jew in the midst of a crowd who had enthusiastically cheered slanders and blood libels against his people, a crowd that had been allowed and encouraged to break the stated rules.

Smitty at The Other McCain - The Swampeoisie are the Colonial Occupiers

So, if Michael Hayden is equating armed, religiously faithful Americans with Hamas, does that mean that Hayden and the Swampeoisie are the Colonial Occupiers?

While I reject General Hayden in general (heh) and his cheap smear in particular, if he’s stipulating a false equivalence between patriots and terrorists, at some point, it could become needful to move the accusation a bit closer to reality.

The Gateway Pundit - Gavin Newsom Tries to Gaslight the Public – Suggests Inflation is a Conservative Lie

California Governor Gavin Newsom wants the public to believe that inflation isn’t that bad, and that the only reason people believe that it is, is because of conservatives.

Millions of Americans are struggling to afford basic items like food and gas but the narrative is more important to Newsom.

The Other McCain - Crazy People Are Dangerous

When weighing career opportunities, most of us never give any consideration to cult leader as a job worth pursuing. However, I’ve spent some time contemplating the pros and cons of such a gig, and reached the conclusion that I’m simply not cut out for that kind of work.

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 26 November 2023: Trigger Words Edition

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is autocorrelation. (Economics from the Top Down)

That doesn't mean it's not real, it just means that all it's showing is that idiots are idio0ts, which we already knew.

Jews Can Shoot - Israelis are arming up in the aftermath of Hamas’ attack. Some are worried it is playing to the far right’s vision for the country

Behind tables laden with more than 50 assault rifles, Israel’s far-right national security minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, smiled at a crowd of people who had come to the coastal city of Caesarea for a ceremony to receive the firearms.

Again from The Other McCain - Another ‘Pretendian’ Exposed

This is deeply offensive to me, and should be offensive to everyone: The once-popular folk singer known as Buffy Sainte-Marie has spent decades fraudulently claiming to be of Native American ancestry. One of the telltale clues was that, at different times during the 1960s, she claimed ancestry from three different groups — first Algonquin, then Micmac, and finally Cree. In fact, as an extensive investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) shows, “Buffy Sainte-Marie” is actually Beverly Jean Santamaria, born in Massachusetts to a family that was Italian on her father’s side and Anglo-American on her mother’s side.

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