21 November 2023

Bomb Threat at Jewish School in Toronto

Tell me how threatening to blow up school kids in Canada is a "protest against the state of Israel," and not good old-fashioned antisemitism. Community outraged and terrified after bomb threat at Jewish school in Toronto

Police were on scene at the Anne & Max Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto just after noon to help students evacuate and set up road closures around the perimeter of the school. A neighbouring daycare was also evacuated.

With the help of bomb-sniffing dogs, police had determined by mid-afternoon that there were no explosives in the area.

This is the second time that this particular school has been targeted recently. From 13 October: Alleged threats against Toronto Hebrew school students lead to arrests of a Toronto man and two teens.

Officers arrested a 20-year-old man and two youths, aged 14 and 17, all of Toronto, in the school’s vicinity after they allegedly made threats against students at The Anne & Max Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto (TanenbaumCHAT) when asked to leave by security.

Hat tip to Rebel News: 1000+ students evacuate after bomb threat against Jewish school in Toronto.

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