20 November 2023

Where Did Lady Liberty Go?

I stumbled across this group because the drummer, Pete Parada, formerly of The Offspring, did an interview with Clifton Duncan. The link for the full interview is below. This link will take you to a 1 minute excerpt from that interview.

Pete Parada has a medical history that indicated he should NOT take the vaccine that was mandated in 2020. He had serious reactions to previous vaccines, and his doctor recommended that he NOT take the new vaccine. That didn't matter to the music industry. He was fired from The Offspring, just as concerts were starting up again. As Clifton Duncan has pointed out, you either got the jab, or you were declared to be "unclean," (though he uses more colorful language) and ostracized.

From Blabbermouth.net: THE DEFIANT Feat. Former Members Of MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES, THE OFFSPRING, SMASH MOUTH: Debut Album Details Revealed.

THE DEFIANT, the new band featuring MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES singer Dicky Barrett alongside with Pete Parada (THE OFFSPRING) on drums, Greg Camp (SMASH MOUTH) on guitar, Johnny Rioux (STREET DOGS) on bass, and Joey LaRocca (THE BRIGGS) on guitar and keyboards, has released its second single, "Where Were You?".

The album came out on 27 October.

This song is "Where Did Lady Liberty Go?" by The Defiant from their 2023 album If We're Really Being Honest.

You can find Pete Parada's interview with Clifton Duncan at the following link. Why Didn't Artists #Resist? Only the first half, or so, of the interview is on YouTube, because it is too spicy for YouTube. (It says bad things about the .gov's response to the Couf! That link is to the full interview on Rumble. The interview is just over an hour.


  1. Lady Liberty was murdered. By people. People with names and addresses.

  2. Thanks for the track. I liked the MMBoss tones and wondered where they went. The track sounds more like them than they did. The rest of the band are no slouches either.

    I hope to hear a lot more from them.

    1. If you can believe the Wiki, never a reliable source, MMB broke up over vaccine mandates. In particular Dicky Barrett didn't think there should be mandates, and in 2020 that was heresy.


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