22 September 2023

Friday Links - 22 September

The Other McCain is first with The Delusions of Michael Tomasky

How can anyone be so out of touch with reality as to believe that Joe Biden is a victim of Republican bias in the media?

The DaleyGator is up next with a request. Go Fund Me fundraiser for my mom

Mom has decided to forgo further dialysis treatments, so that is my focus right now. Given my car is now kaput, the Bank account is thin, and final expenses are going to be coming up.

Chicago Contrarian - Is a Campaign of Germ Warfare Being Carried Out against Chicago Police?

Even as a new variant of COVID has been identified and new mask mandates are being considered by federal authorities, no consideration is being given for any risk to police officers in the districts transformed into migrant camps. No argument is being posited that this one issue alone, the risk of disease transmission in the middle of a pandemic, is enough to discuss returning the migrants home, let alone allowing the migrants to camp out in police districts.

Meep at STUMP - Does Anybody Want to be the Calpers CIO?

Anybody competent and ethical, I mean?

Second City Cop - Chicago Self Immolation. Chicago prepares to tax itself into oblivion.

As for a [securities contract] transaction tax, one of the big companies (we can't remember which) ran a test the other month whereby all trading was routed through a duplicate trading floor set up out of Illinois. These aren't the old days of traders crowding the pits, yelling out orders, filling contracts like Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. Most of that stuff is already done by computers, trading hundreds-of-thousands of shares on tenths-of-percentage shifts in the market.

Tam at View from the Porch - Looks like Florida Man is at it again.

So we've got one guy dead, a kid without a dad, and a septuagenarian who's gonna spend the rest of his miserable life jammed up in the gears of the legal system because he mistook a revolver for a magic problem-solving wand.

Tam at View from the Porch again - Negative Outcomes

The incident in the previous post where the dude capped his tree-trimming neighbor for no adequately explainable reason reminds me of the (in)famous Duel at the Dumpster in Texas a few years back.

Professor David Yamane at Gun Culture 2.0 - What’s the Answer?

When I talk about guns to the media or in other settings, I often spend a lot of time identifying the conflicts and challenges we face due to our diversity and differences. In response, I am often asked some version of, “So, what’s the answer?”

My standard response is, “If I knew the answer, I would implement it and ride off into the sunset with my Nobel Peace Prize.”

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