04 June 2023

Target Stock Sinks in Face of Woke Backlash

And you thought the Bud Light fiasco was bad. BREAKING: JPMorgan Downgrades Target Stock As Company Sees Worst Streak In Decades

On Thursday JPMorgan downgraded its outlook for the retailer as Target tries to shake off its longest losing streak in 23 years following a massive outcry over the company’s decision to sell LGBTQ-themed gear in honor of the month recognizing the community. The bank predicts a new price target of $144, down from $182, for Target’s stock just as the summer season begins and Americans go shopping for vacations and backyard gatherings.

Investors are abandoning the stock even faster than customers are leaving the stores. Market capitalization was down $10 billion in 10 days. That's Billion, with a "B."

News of the [clothing line] was highlighted by conservatives who immediately called for a Bud Light-style boycott of the company’s 1,900 stores, leading company executives to originally double down on their Pride products before removing the line of clothing from its stores altogether. Left-wing protestors pounced on the about-face, with one store even receiving a bomb threat for “turning its back” on the LGBTQ community.

Really, the merchandise, which was targeted at kids (pun intended) has not been removed, just moved from the front of the store to the back. And some of it appeared to be pushing transsexualism on kids, and then there was the line of clothes designed by a Satanist.

But hey, that is totally reason enough for some wack-job to talk about bombing stores. "Do exactly what we tell you to do, or we will crush and destroy you." And yes, there is some of that on both sides of this equation, but the Left isn't used to getting push-back.

I wanted to title this post, "A Tuck-friendly Swimsuit Too far," but unless they are following the kerfuffle closely, I'm not sure that people would know what that meant.

Next up, the anti-Catholic and anti-Christian celebration by the Dodgers baseball team. (Well, eventually.)


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