08 June 2023

How Is That Bail Reform Working Out?

Another dead victim at the hands of bail reform. #11: Chicago man killed robbery victim while on electronic monitoring for another robbery case: prosecutors - CWB Chicago

Demarcus Turner has been on electronic monitoring since prosecutors accused him of trying to rob a Chicago woman in front of her two children last July. Now, prosecutors have charged him with murder. They say he shot and killed a man during another robbery in March. Data from his ankle monitor’s GPS tracker is being used as evidence against him.

Turner is the eleventh person accused of shooting, killing, or trying to shoot or kill someone in Chicago this year while awaiting trial for a felony. The cases involve 15 victims, seven of whom died.

Catch and Release doesn't really work in the Criminal Justice system. Without consequences, why does anyone on the Left think that behavior will change?

I no longer believe that The Left expects anything other that what is happening in our cities. That is the collapse of law and order. They all seem to want that since it is what they vote for.

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