03 April 2023

So #BoycottBudweiser Is Going Strong

At least on Twitter. #BoycottBudweiser

Now I haven't had a Budweiser, light or otherwise, since the 1980s. Maybe the 1970s. But Anheuser-Busch was once a subject I studied in an MBA marketing class. Back in the 1980s, they understood their market. They could tell you how much they needed to advertise to maintain market share. It is Budweiser, they were not in a position to gain much market share, but the could certainly lose it.

I don't think that they understand their market that much today. Of course it is no longer Anheuser-Busch; They were purchased by Belgian-Brazilian brewing company In-Bev in 2008 to become AB In-Bev. They don't seem to be as "in tune" with Americans as the old company was.

And AB In-Bev has a few more brands that are not Budweiser. The Wiki has more brands listed than the AB In-Bev site. Here is a sampling:

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