20 March 2023

Texas Is a Bad Place for Stalkers

People need to understand that stalking is wrong, and in some cases being a stalker can get you killed. Man shot to death after refusing to leave couple’s motel room, Texas police say

They don't tell you until the very end of the article, that this is a case of stalking.

The girlfriend told police that the man who entered their room “had been stalking her and she had been trying to obtain a restraining and protective order against him,” according to the release.

He "entered" the hotel room, and when he wouldn't leave, the boyfriend shot him a couple of times, including in the head.

I know there are people on the Left who will see this as a tragedy, but as far as I'm concerned this is a happy ending. I hope it is a happily ever after kind of ending.


  1. Killing him likely saved someone's life down the road. Stalkers are dangerous, often deadly, and I do not mourn them. Perhaps that makes me cold hearted.

    1. I read too many stories of domestic violence, stalking, and the like. For every one of these stories I publish I probably read 5 or 10 that I don't. And it isn't the main focus of my news searches. Maybe I felt bad at the beginning, but now I only see it as the happiest ending possible. They don't stop on their own. A court order won't stop them, and if they get arrested they rarely spend more than a few days in jail, unless they hand out serious injury.

  2. A logical society removes the criminally dangerous, unfortunately logical societies don't exist.


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