20 March 2023

Impro Guns Has a Number of Interesting Examples

Homemade guns are always fascinating. They usually falling into two categories: "Are you crazy?" and "That looks really good." The 3D-printed examples sometimes fall in between those two extremes. We have some of each today, except no 3D-printed examples. You should click thru for the photos.

First, a semiautomatic ... Colt MK IV Series 80

A black market 3.5″ type made in the Philippines.

Next we have Jager copy

A homemade semi-automatic pistol very similar to the German Jager, but in chambered .22 caliber which was seized from a Russian fisherman.

A more serious example... Suppressed MAC-10 copy (Chile)

A copy which was probably intended for more serious use judging by the addition of a shoulder stock and an actual means of aiming it.

Lastly, a beautiful example of craftsmanship. The Tuk Tuk Warrior

10″ barrel 12 gauge side-by-side made in Thailand.

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