10 March 2023

Friday Links - 10 March

Manhattan Contrarian is up first with Bureaucracies Utterly Incapable Of Making Reasonable Tradeoffs

Often I focus on bureaucratic regulation of energy because the ability to restrict use of energy is the ultimate societal control. Once they have obtained the ability to restrict use of energy, bureaucrats could, if they choose, take away most of our freedom to enjoy life and return us to the income levels of the Stone Age.

Irons in the Fire - A quick look at the news shows clowns like McConnell and some of the other pretend Republicans

having fits over the public actually seeing security video that shows things they don't want the peasants to see. Schumer, of course, just had another fit on the Senate floor and actually called for censorship.

Professor David Yamane at Gun Culture 2.0 - The Presentation That Wasn’t: Gun Culture 2.0 and the Changing Face of Gun Owners in America

I have presented my work dozens of times in the 30 years since my first academic conference presentation in 1992. I had never missed a scheduled presentation until this year, when I could not attend a session (organized by Nicholas Buttrick and including Tara Warner and Emmy Betz) at the annual meeting of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science due to my father’s death.

Tatum Report - Seattle Bus Drivers and Passengers Battle Fentanyl Exposure and Health Department

[A bus driver] said he loves his job, but “didn’t sign up for…” being around drugs every day. King County Metro reported last year there were 1,885 “reports of drug use….” Fifty-two drivers have reported “drug smoke” exposure, with 16 “filing workers compensation claims,” according to KOMO 4 News.

The Other McCain - News From Down Home: Another Antifa Riot, More Out-of-Towners Arrested

On an appearance on Fox News earlier Monday, Carr described those arrested as part of a “national network, an international group of people that are organized to come to our state to undermine a public safety training center.”

Summit News - Anger As Djokovic Withdraws From US Open; STILL BANNED From Entering U.S. Due To Vaccination Status

While the news is being reported as a “visa dispute,” the reason Djokovic cannot complete is because he refuses to take the COVID vaccine.

Paul Joseph Waton - Bootlickers. A short video on how young people in Britain can't wait to give up freedom in favor of authoritarianism. (Click thru - it's less than a minute)

Again from The Other McCain - The Antifa Scum in Atlanta

Degenerate offspring of wealthy capitalists — it’s an all-too-familiar tale in a nation where liberalism has become the religion of the elite.

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